Sarah personal trains from her home in Didcot, Oxfordshire where she has a range of different equipment from weights to punching mits,

resistance bands to slam balls.


One 2 One: £20 for 30 minutes, £35 for 55 minutes

£87.50 for 5 x 30 minutes, £120 for 4 x 55 minutes


One 2 One sessions are completely personal to you and your body and at a time that suits you best. Alongside the one 2 one training, you will get workout and diet advice to suit your lifestyle and help towards your goals.




Normally, group sessions mainly take place at Sarah's house in Didcot and sometimes (weather permitting) outside at a local park. She can cater for 1-4 people at her house but can do sessions for 5+ people if outside.


Two 2 One: £10 each for 30 minutes, £20 each for 55 minutes

Three 2 One: £8 each for 30 minutes, £14 each for 55 minutes

Four 2 One: £6 each for 30 minutes, £10 each for 55 minutes


Due to the current lockdown in the UK, Sarah is currently teaching 3 x 40 minute online group sessions every week. These are:

WEDS 5pm

SAT 3pm

SUN 3pm

These take place on Zoom and cost just £5 per person, no matter how many people attend. Please get in touch with Sarah via the contact form or by emailing her on to find out how to join in for these online sessions.



If what you need is some guidance either at home or in the gym to know what to do to get fitter and build up strength, then I have designed several plans that could work for you. If you go to the 'Packages' page, you can fill in a questionnaire that gets sent to me so that I can help point you in the direction of the best package for you to fit with your fitness level, budget and available time to fit in exercise.



Short videos to help get you started with a range of 'do at home' exercises covering different areas of fitness and strength such as: Arms, legs and bum, cardio and abs.


There are two video packages you can choose from.

6 weeks @ £35

12 weeks @ £60



4 weeks of workout plans to suit your current fitness level and utilise the  equipment you have available (i.e. whether at home or at the gym). Workout plans will focus on a mixture of strength training (upper and lower body), high intensity interval training (short bursts of cardio) and core (abs).



Along with 4 weeks of workout plans, you will also get access to sample meal plans for 4 weeks of food in the life of Mummy Body Coach. This will include ideas for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks along with timings and other meal planning advice. The first 10 people to buy this package will also receive a 'Hello New Me' fitness and diet journal which includes an area to note down starting measurements and goals along with a page for each day where they can note down what exercise they've done, mood, food and water intake.

         WORKOUT LIKE MBC @ £20           


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