Chocolate flapjack. Pregnancy blog 16th April 2020

Oh my, the world is quite a different place from when I did the last post!

We have not been allowed to go out of our houses apart from for 1 lot of exercise per day and then a weekly shop, which we have to do by ourselves and stay always 2m away from everyone else and queue to get in to an eerily quiet supermarket. Just after my last email we got put into lockdown. On the Saturday 21st March I think. This meant that all the lovely things I had planned for Jonny's birthday haven't ended up happening. Really hoping most are postponed and we can do them the other side of this. I was so happy with all that I had organised and knew he was going to have a wonderful extended birthday of fun experiences! Now, it'll be veryyyy extended as it may carry on until next March haha.

On to pregnancy. The sickness really ramped up after my last message. No actual sick happening, which is the same as last pregnancy, but it's all day constantly feeling sick. Doesn't let up. All I can do is momentarily be distracted from it, and it's so hard to find good distractions when on lockdown. I would like to swim, see friends and go for nice meals. But instead, I do a lot of moaning, trying to eat to feel better but it doesn't work but I eat more anyway, and normally lots of chocolate, as Easter happened of course, so there's sooo much chocolate in the house.

I can't help thinking that I need to change what I eat completely. I am definitely doing the same as last time, but then slightly worse I'd say as I'm at home and have access to whatever I want to eat whenever. Plus the lack of doing anything else means there's no time I'm not thinking about my sickness and trying to sort it with food. Next time, should I try to change my diet to loads of bland carbs in small portions every 2 hours and nothing rich or sweet?

It feels like I've been feeling sick for weeks and weeks now but it looks like it's only been 4. All the weeks we've been in lockdown basically. Just want it to go so much but had my scan yesterday and baby is 11 weeks and 1 day, so not that old.... Which means I could have 5 more weeks of this sickness to put up with. Could be more. Can't remember when it stopped before.

I'll try to do more emails. I don't have many bits of time anymore to sit down and think about doing one, or think I'm going to say anything interesting, as Ophelia is such hard work constantly, and I'm doing lots of teaching online at home, so I'm still working, so there's just no time to yourself. But I'll tell myself just to do little posts and that's OK.

Should put something to eat by my bed for the morning. Just want it to be something like a chocolate flapjack which I can't find in a supermarket.... Not what they actually want you to have I'm sure. Maybe a crisp bread or a boring sugar free biscuit. But I like tasty food! This is my issue.... If I'm eating more, I want more of all the tasty nice stuff thank you!

Baby is due on 3rd Nov. Count down is on... To be honest, the countdown is more on for when will we be out of this lockdown. That's what is important at the moment. Just want Ophelia at nursery and to be able to swim, those are my top two things atm! Hoping for after the half term, so the start of June. Cross your fingers for us! Just want everyone to get better please!

Much love xxxxxx

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