Just take paracetamol - 21st Sept - 34 weeks

Keep forgetting to do more of these, I had intended to do a short one every week! The 3rd trimester is by far the worst. I have all the bad symptoms of the other trimesters.

Constantly feeling sick, gets worse when hungry but then often I feel so sick when I eat and after too, so there's not many good times.... Headaches still, although slightly less than the 2nd trimester I guess. I just take paracetamol pretty much every day. A good tip is just to take them every morning in case haha.

Then I've also got PGP. Not as bad as last time, so def good to have been a bit less hardcore on leg stuff and stopping it quite early in pregnancy as it just hurts on the left vagina side when I've done lots that day and every night and morning when I've not moved for a while. It's getting proper swollen and puffy on the left. Lovely. Getting lots of pain in my bum. Mainly on left but sometimes both. Think it's PGP too but not sure. It is bad after not moving but then bad as a result of lots of moving and being on your feet? Turning in bed is making me groan lots and I really need a wee lots so have to keep getting up which is a pain. Feeling very sick at bed time recently but maybe I need a bigger and more healthy evening snack like a mini meal really. But that sick feeling is making getting to sleep really hard so often I'm just doing lots of deep breaths to not peak and then not sleeping until after 12. Therefore, pretty tired the next day and only getting out of bed around 7.30am because I feel so sick and need to eat. Then wanting bed around 8pm...

Swimming is still a really good thing for me at this stage of pregnancy. I'm going 3 times a week and most of the time I don't feel sick during and my hip pain is gone and I often forget I'm pregnant which is great. I often feel too knackered to go and hate the thought of going out in the evening, but if I haven't been able to fit it in in the day then I've really liked going in the evening, even if friends can't come with me, and I've not regretted going. It's good to not have every night sat in front of the TV as due to lockdown, there aren't many options of what to do in an evening so swimming is one of the only things I do. I do love going with friends though. I feel like life feels normal for that hour and everything is ok... The water is reeeally cold though, and the having to walk round the pool twice in your cozzie all cold because of the one way system isn't fun, but that passes and it's still worth it. Didn't have either of these issues last time as it was summer and 'real life'! I also had to buy myself some new maternity costumes as my ones from last time have started going thin and see through, and noone wants to see that!

Heartburn. That's started this trimester. Mainly in the evening and definitely really bad at bed time. I need to get on the gaviscon more as I don't really know if it works as I don't really have it, I just put up with it, or it's the other side of the bedroom and I can't be bothered... It is basically feeling sick on top of the usual feeling sick and feeling an acidic burn in the throat. Not nice.

I'm definitely wanting this to be over now. But got ways of coping. So I can definitely manage until 38 weeks but that would be the ideal time to give birth please. It would just be handy if they got the date wrong. If you actually went by the first date of my last period then it would be due a week before you see. I'm just fed up of it all and bump is really uncomfortable for sleeping and only going to get worse. I'm dreading the labour of course so that's the main reason I'm confused about how much I want it out as I simply don't want the process please. It'll be hideous.

Can't be bothered to speak about my fears on that now. Rather pretend it's not a thing like I did for the last trimesters when it's so far away you just focus on getting through each day.

See you another week!!!

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