I hate being pregnant - 12th July - 23 weeks pregnant

Had some horrible down days this week. Headache all the time and feeling really sick again constantly, so it's got me so down. Sometimes unable to eat a meal I've just spent loads of time and effort making as I feel so sick before and then it gets worse during. Like my favourite breakfast or simply poached egg with ham on toast...Suspecting it's related to eating bad / sugary food. Feel like it could be gestational diabetes and I had booked an extra midwife appointment (I'm week 23) to talk about things. They did all tests and everything seems normal as per bloody usual (which I'm fed up of hearing frankly, as I feel so terrible every day) but if things get worse I should contact the midwives. My decision is to try to do something about it myself and wean myself off having so much sugary food and being careful not to have any when I'm already feeling sick. Got a few things in the house like fudge and dairy milk to get through before I can manage that though, so that I don't even have the option to go for it.

I think unless I'm being actually sick and unable to hold meals down, they think well, baby is safe and fine then, so you're fine. I'm not fine. I hate this. I hate it all. Pregnancy is not fun, nice, lovely or anything like that. It's just terrible. I hate being pregnant and I hate how I feel every bloody day. I just want it over with already.

Plus side of this week, gyms and pools opening on 25th July. So not long to wait and I can get a proper gym and swim routine going that fingers crossed can continue until baby pops. This has definitely lifted my spirits and really looking forward to summer in general what with Ophelia being in nursery while I'm barely working means more time without having to worry about entertaining her or work, which will be nice, and super looking forward to going to beaches on the Isle of Wight with her.

Also. Note for future, have more child free weekends. We love it, and the grandparents do too💜

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