And the headaches have started... 24th June 2020

I can't remember when I last did one of these. So much for wanting to do short but often updates!

So from about 15 weeks the sickness was a bit less and on and off, but headaches started. Real stabbing ones. So get lots of paracetamol in stock for next time! It's a pain with the feeling sick as it's still here now but I do get moments where I don't feel sick at all and you only realise how glorious they were once you're feeling sick again. You just feel normal for a little bit and things that used to make you happy make you happy. I mean, this is really not often mind, as I have a headache of varying level every day which then tarnishes how I feel about general life.

Belly is starting to grow. But not in a hard way, it's kind of just fatty and rolly on the outside. Likely the chocolate and cake covering, but I look forward to it being more hard and bump like. It's starting to get hot again, so I'm mainly comfortable in baggy clothes and vest tops that make my boobs look giant. This kind of clothing doesn't make me look specifically pregnant though but I'd rather not bother trying to wear anything that makes it look like I am if it's less comfy to wear in these conditions. I see it also as this time, I don't need to dress officially for work to go into schools or even in an acceptable way for anyone to see me because we still have lockdown restrictions.

It's a few months in to lockdown and I'm still mainly teaching lessons online. Several of my choir are coming to the garden and standing 2m apart (5 people max) for sectional rehearsals so that is a massive improvement on my happiness. Some students are coming to my window for lessons but not as many as I would like. Some I think could but have found the online lessons so practical as no travel time or need to arrange a parent to take them anywhere. I just long for some time face to face with them all before I'm off on maternity leave, but then they don't know about that yet. They also don't know I'm moving, and potentially further away from them, so even less handy of a location. So that's going to affect the amount of people wanting to come to me too.

I'm really wanting to go for a swim. Well, several swims a week, but I'd take just one if I just could go please. Gyms etc aren't opening from 4th July as I thought they might. Originally, I had heard that they'd be one of the last things to open and not until autumn at the earliest, but some gyms had acted like they thought the leisure stuff opening from July included them so had been preparing. So I had started feeling excited and preparing when I'd go too. So it's just been so disappointing to hear yesterday that they're not one of the things opening.

Restaurants and cinemas have been told they can, and it's gone to 1m distancing which is easier for the restaurants to be able to open with as they can fit more people in now. Other things opening too like hotels, hairdressers, pubs, campsites, but these things don't affect me. Oh and also officially allowed to mix with another household and stay over, which we needed to happen to help us with our house move in July. We've basically already let it happen with both jonnys parents and mine, so it's good to officially be allowed. Although it's only 1 household and we're def going to just do two.

Needing to look at the positives instead of being sad that I can't go into an air conditioned gym to do tricep pull downs and do 30 lengths x5 a week. Can't wait to go out for a meal twice a week and get ophelia used to being at restaurants again haha. Hoping you can start to book tables online soon (even though it's a few weeks away) as I don't want us to have to queue and want to get in there quick with the ones in Didcot before we move as we may only have a week of restaurants being open before we're then in Oxford instead and want to go to Berro lounge and Nandos for sure!

Over and out. Sorry for the long one. Much to update!

Oh and had 20 week scan last week, it's a girl :p

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