15 weeks pregnant - 12th May 2020

Hi Me,

Still pregnant and still feeling sick every day. Sometimes eating makes it worse and sometimes it makes it a bit better for a bit. But I definitely feel worse when I haven't eaten for 2 hours but then it stays if I didn't catch it in time, I think. Still trying to work things out so I can manage it all better but I'm mainly just hoping time passes and the sickness is done with.

No PGP. Some twinges but definitely after exercise days where I've done some sumo squats and lunges for online group PT. But until it's proper pain, I'm going to keep going for now as it's minimal. So far, it could be a PGP free pregnancy which would be interesting to experience, but atm, it doesn't feel any better of a pregnancy as you still just feel shit all the time, and the lockdown isn't fun, and I feel so unfit it is sad. I really hope this doesn't affect my weight loss after the baby, that's my main worry it seems. I was as fit as I could be last time for a pregnant person with PGP and this time there's no way I will be, so anything could happen in terms of delivery and after birth recovery.

Enjoying watching 'life and birth' on the BBC. Often don't like these programmes too much but atm I am liking them, I think cause I know what real birth is like now so I'm not seeing these as how I would give birth. Many are too quiet and also all on their backs so far which isn't how I did it or know it's best to! Some caesareans. Don't want one of those but I think watching these programmes does give you an idea of what to expect and what to expect if it's a premature baby and it needs to be incubated and that you might not be able to cuddle them once they're born. That's sad.

Will let you know if the sickness goes. So far, it's sticking!

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