13 weeks pregnant - 27th April 2020

I really do feel more sick just before a meal and then after. Then, hopefully I distract myself for a few hours so I don't feel horrendous the whole time and then feel more sick again in the lead up to dinner time! Can't bloody wait for this to be done with. I feel like it might not. It just feels so endless. It's going to be so nice. I wonder if it eases off gradually or just stops one day, again, don't remember from last time!

Not much else to say really, lockdown continuing and I'm peeved I can't swim to stay fit.

13 weeks pregnant now, never got a letter about doing the 12 week scan again to check up on the disabilities. So, fingers crossed all ok!

Umming and aahhing about whether to find out the sex of it this time. Weren't going to but I want to feel excited about it. Either excited for buying matching outfits for Ophelia and her sister or buying boys clothes and some kind of lunch set based on a zebra for our future boy 🙂

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